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All it took was one sip of Kafiex Roasters coffee and we were hooked! We met these amazing roasters way back in our early days at the Salmon Creek Farmers Market and have been friends ever since. Lucky for us, their Vancouver Coffee Lab is conveniently close to home (720 Esther Street, Vancouver WA, 98660). We are honored to have our PNW Honey Farm products used in their delicious, fresh roasted coffee. You can buy our honey there too.

In our latest blog we asked Kafiex Roasters a few questions to learn more about the magic behind the coffee. Enjoy!

You started roasting coffee in your home 6 years ago. What tips and tricks have you learned about the roasting process along the way? What has remained constant?

Roasting is and has been a beautiful journey – from roasting at home and only for our own consumption to transforming that passion into a business. From learning on a 2 kilo machine to roasting on our newest 12 kilo Diedrich – that anyone can see at our coffee lab in downtown Vancouver. There is so much to learn about roasting coffee and the coffee world in general! We never stop learning! My tip would be to study, read, research and be humble about asking others for advice and knowledge!

You have incredible standards for the coffee you buy. Can you talk about how you select other suppliers like PNW Honey Farm? We select companies that have similar values to ours. Companies that care for the planet and others around us. We believe that this is huge when looking into maintaining the quality and care that we want to offer to all of our customers.

Your honey lavender latte is a favorite of ours (we are a bit biased). Now that we are finally getting some spring weather in the Pacific Northwest, have you noticed customers requesting more drinks with local honey to naturally ease seasonal allergy symptoms? I wouldn’t specifically say that to only ease allergy symptoms although it is a great point. We have noticed that people in general (we can speak for our customer base) have a deep appreciation for honey and even deeper appreciation for local! Honey lattes, honey green or blue matcha and now our seasonal honey lavender have been very well received and very popular!

Supporting the environment is a passion of ours and we love that you plant a tree for every bag of coffee sold! How did you decide on this unique form of giving back? We LOVE trees and nature; who doesn’t? Trees are a huge part of everyone’s lives. They also play a huge roll in the coffee industry. Shade grown coffee promotes a healthier environment. We are definitely working towards becoming a greener company; our goal is to become a Certified B Corp* company and a Clark County green business pretty soon.

*Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We are always looking for like-minded businesses to partner with. Send us an email at to chat about future partnership opportunities!

Honey Lavender Latte

Stop by Kafiex Coffee Lab and learn more about different brewing techniques and beans varieties!


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