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Our Story

  The honey from PNW Honey Farm is simply the best – local, pure and delicious.  Our family’s passion for sustainable beekeeping not only provides healthy and tasty honey to you, but also contributes to the critically important bee population globally.  


  Our honey is unpasteurized, simply strained and never heated above 104 degrees.  What this really means for you is all of the incredibly important health benefits honey has to offer remain intact in the products we sell.  This includes essential minerals, amino acids, enzymes and local pollen needed to organically combat seasonal allergies.  All this is possible without ever compromising the unmistakable taste of great honey.


  Our family’s beekeeping journey began with my grandfather, who kept bees most of his life.  After his passing, my dad was inspired to revisit his work with bees and purchased a few hives.  Dad already knew the basics, but as he researched more about bees he discovered just how vital they are for our survival.  He also learned how the world’s bee population was greatly decreasing due to pesticides and other environmental factors.  Dad’s passion for bees quickly grew; he quit his job and set out on a mission to build a sustainable business that would not only help the world, but also his family too.


  Today, both of my parents are still involved in the family business they founded years ago.  They transport the bees to nearby California growers for pollination and back to the Pacific Northwest to ensure our bees honey storage process stays local. 


  In addition to day-to-day beekeeping activities, we work with growers to stop pesticide use whenever possible.  Limiting pesticides keeps bees happy and healthy.  Using natural methods instead results in bees with strong immune systems and most importantly, when bees are healthy the honey is better.


  Check out the PNW Honey Farm products from our online store.

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